Many proposals have been made regarding how to end Russian aggression in Ukraine. Many have offered off-ramps surrendering to Russia and acquiescing to Putin’s supposed need “to save face” – thereby ensuring a frozen conflict. Ukraine has insisted that the only real end to the war is a return to the 1991 borders. Neither proposal is a solution in the long term.

As long as Russia remains an empire, global security and Ukrainian sovereignty remain at issue. Accepting the Ukrainian proposal means simply that the next Russian aggression is temporarily postponed. People cannot live in constant fear.

Since the full-scale attack on Feb. 24, 2022, at least three movements have evolved. The first was the Free Nations League, a coordinating body in Europe comprised of nations currently held captive within the current Russian empire, known as the Russian Federation. The second was an American association of nations still trapped in the Russian empire, as well as several outside of it but within the sphere of continuous Russian pressure. Now these nations have agreed to join efforts with nations held captive or repressed by another evil empire, the Chinese People’s Republic.


“The end of evil empires” is the mantra of this joint effort. Looking back to a time during the Cold War when the United States – in its wisdom, and with significant prodding by Eastern European nations – passed legislation designating the third week of each July as a time to remember those nations that were a part of the Soviet Union or its satellites known as “captive nations.” Ultimately but not fully, this action prevailed.

Ukraine at War Update for April 17: ‘Russia Kidnapped 37,000 Ukrainians Since 2014’
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Ukraine at War Update for April 17: ‘Russia Kidnapped 37,000 Ukrainians Since 2014’

US Congress still wavers on more funding for Ukraine amid Russia's full-scale invasion.

In July 2023 there will be a march in Washington DC from the Capitol to the White House displaying the flags of some 20 nations currently suffering under Russian and Chinese oppression. The significance of this event lies predominantly in its creation. These are very different nations, entirely different cultures with little in common except for the desire to be free.


Why should the US pay any attention to this movement? The first reason is an obvious moral one. In this regard, America has a role to play in view of its own history.

However, even a cynic can find justification to support this cause.

Since World War II, a conscious effort has been made by the global democratic community to ensure global security. As the League of Nations faltered, the United Nations supplanted it and persevered – albeit not successfully on all fronts. Its purpose was manifold, but its foremost goal was directed at global security.

A monster, however, was forged: the UN Security Council. People throughout the world disparage the work of the UN and scoff at the waste of the Security Council. This is a lesson learned.

And yet, the ridicule is misplaced or misapplied. I recently spoke with a representative of the Uyghur people who are being mercilessly and intentionally slaughtered by the Chinese in East Turkestan, known in China as Xinjiang province. He laughed at the UN’s lack of efficacy. Rather, he suggested, the repressed nations should seek a dialogue with the United States, Congress and the White House.


He is right and wrong. Freedom and global security need a champion, but the US cannot do it alone. God knows we have our own problems. However, the US must continue to lead the global community. It is easy to disparage international structures because so far in history they have proven to be feckless. However, international organizations and associations are the future. The internet, the global economy, global environmental issues and poverty have proven that.

I refrain from domestic criticism because that merely degenerates into bickering. I certainly wish that Ukrainians in America, Democrats or Republicans, would wake up on a single issue. That issue is Ukraine, and that issue ultimately mandates the end of the Russian empire. Let us widen our horizons and work towards the end of all evil empires. I certainly feel for the Uyghurs in China and pray that they feel for the plight of Ukrainians suffering from Russian aggression.

I try to stay away from John Lennon, but in this instance, the phrase, “The world will be one,” resonates. But, John, there must be nations and religions, because people need both. How about: “Imagine if there were no empires”? Only then will the world be free and secure; only then will it be one.

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Tony Jolly
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Mr. Swanson the government of Russia must be destroyed and China is not far behind. I have nothing against the Russia but it is clear they will not correct this issue. Lost at what these two regimes have contributed, Plagues and climate issues for China. Russia murder, nuclear threats, climate disasters, lies and manipulation. We will have to face them someday. Now is the time to bring all the pressure possible on Russia. Enough with the piecemeal military support. I was in Vietnam and it did not work there. If a war isn’t worth winning then it isn’t work fighting. Give the what they need to win asap. If not then we may well be looking at an all out nuclear war down the road. The first step is to weaken this evil empire.
William Spillman
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The Russians cannot be reformed, their sad history shows that - always an untouchable imperial leadership, bitter and beaten down citizens, quality of life unobtainable for the masses, oligarchs laughing at the people's pain. Little Putin and his failed grandiose plans are obvious. He and his thugs will destroy anything and everything to succeed, even if that means destroying Ukraine and the future of Russia, that's fine with them, they do not care. We are dealing here with a mentally diseased leadership that has shown it has no place among the civilized nations of the world. The disease is catching, Emperor Xi and his dynastic autocracy had better be more careful than they were when they allowed Covid to escape their control. Political pestilence control is needed. Stand up UN instead of dithering. The right and wrong of the Ukraine war are clear. Do something!
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After todays event the blowing up of the dam sigh why? You started a stupid war your to proud to leave is it worth it? I don't think so just stop .
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Mr. Swanson is right. The Russians can be reformed, after their defeat, just like we did with Germany after WW2.
A true story: during a vacation in Carribean, I was waiting in line at the lobby bar for a drink. Suddenly, a Russian male cut through and went straight to the bar. To his credit, the bar tender held his ground, repelled the invasion and sent the culprit to the back of the line.
Start there, work up to their imperial mentality. Russians need a good dose of re-education.
I support
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Well peace with humiliation never works . How does a country reform are they willing to? If so great if not If not not so great.
Joseph Swanson
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communist russia must truly be destroyed.  This time around they must be placed on the same plan nazi germany was...defeated, occupied, and reformed.  
Anything short of this, will result in the criminally insane communist government of russia to continue their imperialistic / colonialistic  attempts to revive the ussr in some way shape or form every couple of years.

Tony Jolly
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@Joseph Swanson,
KC Kunnanz
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Mr Lozynskyj, my brother.

You are both right and wrong. Yes, the western world will not be safe, until Russia gives up its imperial ambitions. This need not require the desolution of the Russian Federation. Just the removal of the Soviet nostalgists who falsely dream of the better days of the “great” Soviet empire. It wasn’t so great.

Sadly, we have about 20 more years for that generation to die out. Hopefully, the voices of the younger generation, who sees the terrible actions of Russia today for what they are will have the power to change it into what of the great the future. What they truly need is either a chocolate maker or comedian as president.

KC Kunnanz “…that of a great democracy of the future…”
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@KC Kunnanz,
Carol Miller
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Maybe it's better to be assertive than sgreeive