I thought my attached recent article in the Globe and Mail, a tribute to former Prime Minister of Canada, the Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney, who passed away in late February, might also be of interest to readers of Kyiv Post and young Ukrainians generally, who don’t know the history of Ukraine’s achieving independence.

Brian Mulroney was a dear friend of mine and became a friend of Ukraine as a result of a 1989 Canadian trade mission which I led, and his visit to Kyiv on Nov. 23, 1989, to announce his decision to open a Canadian consulate in Kyiv.

I am also sharing a photo (which he gave me subsequently) of the Taras Shevchenko Park event as we were walking back to the limos and to meet the throng of students gathered on the steps of the Taras Shevchenko National University.

Under Mulroney’s leadership, Canada was then the first Western and G7 country to celebrate Ukraine’s independence in 1991.


I wrote in the Globe and Mail: “The impact of Mr. Mulroney’s many accomplishments will be felt for generations to come, but for Ukrainian Canadians, his support for Ukraine over his entire political career will be warmly remembered.”

“In 2007, then-president Viktor Yushchenko awarded Mr. Mulroney with Ukraine’s highest honor – membership in the Order of Kniaz (Prince) Yaroslav the Wise, in recognition of his visionary leadership and friendship.”

Read my tribute to Brian Mulroney in the Globe and Mail here.

FACT CHECK: Russian Propaganda Tries to Pass Off Udmurtian Insignia as Belonging to ‘Canadian Mercenaries’
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FACT CHECK: Russian Propaganda Tries to Pass Off Udmurtian Insignia as Belonging to ‘Canadian Mercenaries’

Russian state TV channel “Pervyi” aired a story that claimed Russian troops had recovered insignia belonging to Canadian mercenaries from Ukrainian military positions in occupied Donetsk.
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NY Times:
"Johnson Outlines Plan for Ukraine Aid; House Could Act Within Weeks
The G.O.P. speaker’s proposed conditions for sending a fresh infusion of military assistance to Kyiv are the strongest sign to date that he plans to defy critics in his own party and push through the aid package."

This comment contains spoilers. Click here if you want to read.

A man of sound moral principle and so many fine leadership attributes. I'm also so impressed with the family he raised. I'm traditionally a conservative voter and would vote for any of Brian Mulroney's kids. Albeit I applaud Trudeau's continued support of Ukraine, I disagree with many of his domestic priorities. I can live with the latter for now though, as Ukraine's victory remains my priority. Still I wish he condoned allied military presence in Ukraine. I wish he was prudently ramping up our defence industry for the WWIII thats brewing.

Still it remains unclear to me whether current Canadian conservative leader Poilievre shares Mulroney's principles, or would offer Canada's full support to ensure Ukraine's Victory. Very little media coverage in Canada on this matter.

Allied coverage illustrates where putinrump, orban, fico, erdogen, wilders, le pen, salvini stand on Ukraine support (very little to none). Where does Poilievre stand? I've even read the Canadian Conservative platform and written Poilievre and my regional Conservative rep (no response) on this specific topic and remain stumped.

Anyone know? What is your media reporting on this topic?

Will Poilievre increase or reduce Canada's support for Ukraine if elected?