According to her press service, she is soon going to record two crossover songs with Jose Carreras, realizing a dream to make music with the Spanish tenor known for opera performances.

Kamaliya’s real name is Natalia Shmarenkova. She is the wife of Kyiv Post publisher Mohammad Zahoor. The 35-year-old started her music career at the age of 2. She has won multiple professional contests and released several Russian language albums before getting picked up by foreign producers and starting her European career.

Her “Butterflies” song “has already taken Europe by storm and now Central and Latin America and some Asian countries,” Kamaliya told a Spanish magazine proudly during an interview. She plans to promote her new album “Club Opera” with concerts in America, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.


The singer promises that the new album will be a pleasant surprise for her fans. “Before this album one could find opera mixed with rock, and opera mixed with pop, but this time we went even further and decided to try opera and house music,” she says.

The release is planned for June 7 in the United Kingdom, a country that has been a second home for the singer whose husband, Zahoor, is a UK citizen and the owner of the Kyiv-based ISTIL Group.

The summer is also shaping up as a busy one. “I’m Alive,” a single from the Club Opera album, is going to be heard by the world of music lovers very soon. Kamaliya is also planning photo sessions with top photographers in Ukraine and London, will participate in reality shows and will shoot a video for the Club Opera album single “Love Me Like” in India’s Bollywood.

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She will also star in a Hollywood movie. “In July I’m scheduled to play an important role in the movie ‘Legal Affairs’ with Brittany Snow and Chace Crawford,” she says. The role may be another pleasant surprise for her dedicated fans, who she thanks “for making my song ‘Butterflies’ a mega-hit all over the world.”

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