The incident, which occurred at roughly 05:00 am Moscow time on Monday morning, is the closest incidence of a supposed Ukrainian drone explosion to take place so close to the Russian capital.

 Video circulating in Ukrainian and Russian social media shows that there was an explosion. What was struck by the drone is not clear. According to early news reports, the explosion took place roughly 50 meters above the ground and no injuries were reported. It is unclear from official Russian sources whether the drone successfully struck any Russian military targets.

 On October 7 and 12, 2022, two other drones exploded in Kaluga Oblast near the Russian military airport "Shayikovka." No injuries were reported from either incident. Shayikova Airport is located roughly 250 kilometers from the capital.


 Ukraine's ability to penetrate Russian air defense with drones has seemingly come as a surprise to Moscow. Last month, Russian government facilities in the capital, including those near the home of Russian President Vladimir Putin, were seen to be outfitted with air defense. 

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