A relatively new hacker collective, CHO1, which burst onto the scene with anti-Russian cyberattacks around the one-year anniversary the full-scale invasion, has stolen and released 1.5 terabytes of data it claims is from Russian pharmaceutical company Uralbiopharm.

According to the Uralbiopharm’s website, the company, founded in 1930, aims to “actively promote modern medicines and dietary supplements to Russian citizens.”

In posting the data dump, CHO1’s accompanying messages, in Russian and English, claimed the 1.5 terabytes spanned two decades and included “CCTV footage, ledgers, orders, legal documents, internal protocols, and contracts.”

The hacker collective’s message said: “CH01 has something to say. We are tired of the bullshit. This war is making the prices go through the roof, and we are suffering as a direct result of being dragged into a war with Ukraine. Since our government wants to play games and keep up the war, we decided to fight back to let the government know that we don’t want to be involved.”


Kyiv Post has not been able to verify all 1.5 terabytes, the equivalent of 112,500,000 pages of text.

The note concludes: “Unfortunately, you’ve become a victim just like some of our friends have become victims going to get killed in a pointless war.”

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