State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Qin Gang, stated that the People's Republic of China is impartial regarding the "crisis in Ukraine". Beijing does not plan to put pressure on other countries.

 The minister made these remarks at the International Modernization Forum in Shanghai on Friday, April 21, as reported by Ukrinform.

 "Regarding the crisis in Ukraine, China does not inflame the situation or take advantage of it.

 China has taken an impartial position and insists on peaceful negotiations in order to reduce tensions and reduce the degree of confrontation," said Qin Gang. He further stated that Beijing "stands for the peaceful settlement of any international disputes through consultation and dialogue".

 He went on to say that China had no intention of using its opportunities to pressure other countries and would also not accept pressure from outside. According to Qin Gang, "domination and hegemony are not the goal of China's development. The notion that force will lead to hegemony is incompatible with Chinese culture."


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Hugh M.
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Ha! At least Communist China is consistent in their lying...Of course they say this to the West, then they gave & give Russia the green light. Back in Feb of 2022:

"As recently as Tuesday, the Biden administration was hoping that China might play a constructive role in preventing or mitigating the looming Ukraine crisis, or at least not obstruct efforts to defuse it. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi seeking China’s support “to preserve Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price said. A Chinese Foreign Ministry statement said Wang responded by noting that “the situation in Ukraine is tending to deteriorate” and called for a resolution based on “dialogue and negotiation.”

The administration’s hopes were diminished when Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying asserted Wednesday that the U.S. is “the culprit of current tensions surrounding Ukraine.” A day later, within hours of Russian forces moving into Ukraine, Wang unambiguously aligned China with Russia by telling Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that China “understands the Russian side’s legitimate concerns on security issues” in Ukraine."

PS. this is also how they convince gullible politicians like Macron (...or leaders who want to sell them expensive handbags).

Jacques Willemen
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@Hugh M., macron is the lilliput chamberlain
nato is a defense organisation for which countries apply free and voluntarily, and can be rejected when there is not an unanomous agreement: the opposition from hungaru and turkye against member ship Sweden proves nato is not a body which is conquering countries.
former socalled eastblock/warsaw nations/members choose to align with democracies from the West, because they were tired of the dicktatorship from cuntdickers dickcunter from the kriminalin in sunken moskva.
china and russia don't want to see this because it doesnt fit in their lies lies and lies
USA was policemen by absence of thirdworld china and now china becamae a big ego bully country they want a piece of a cake which
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Quin Gang is pompous and disingenuos.
For years China complained about US hegemony that was essentially law abiding, respectful and benign.
These days China conducts a highly coercive and patronising form of hegemony, far more offensive and unacceptable to its neighbouring countries.
Its so called belt and road initiative is an attempt to globally extend such hegemony using economic traps.
William Spillman
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China, a Han Chinese dictatorship, oppressing and 'indoctrinating' its Uygher population in what is arguably a crime against humanity, is totally false and disingenuous in claiming to be a champion of peace. The Chinese leadership acts like a dictatorship, or if you like, a new Chinese imperial dynasty. Emperor Xi Jinping is not up to the job, though, and has made so many critical mistakes that it will probably not be too long before he is disposed by a revolution in his court. One can only hope that China decides upon taking a harmonious place in the world and moves to be a contributor to the world order.
jacques willemen
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china to busy to make world war IV over sovereign Taiwan, and thereby violating territorial integrity of sovereign Taiwan as china violated the territorial integrity of Tibet
it lost the sino- Vietnam war and it won the violation of the territorial integrity of Tibet against the 4 men Tibetian army, but toke months
so, china is going the same way as the sunken moskva
big bully china always against small sovereign nations as Tibet and Taiwan
using Ukraine and Taiwan to fight war against NATO, West and USA
see here cowardly attitude of big bully small brain and stone heart china; the prove for this is the big stone wall of china it has around its feelings
china is the bully country where once the worldchampion geneocide on its own people lived
genocide on your own people is the biggest mortal sin, very bad bad karma

jacques willemen
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@jacques willemen, china is nibbling away small chunks of Bhutan every year, it lost an attack in the Himalayas recently
china is underhanded cowardly