On April 26, PMC Potok, a mercenary group created by Gazprom fighters, circulated a video explaining they had abandoned their positions due to a lack of weapons and complained that Wagner's PMC command had threatened them with reprisals upon learning of this.

 “On April 17, two positions were lost due to a lack of ammunition as a result of an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” the Potok fighter said in the footage. “The Wagner PMC commanders aggressively threatened a reprisal against the personnel of PMC Potok and blocked their withdrawal and rotation to a safe zone.”

 In a video which surfaced on Tuesday, one of the Wagner fighters complained about the PMC Potok. The Wagner fighter, against the background of a wooded area, addressed the command in the video about the alleged desertion of their colleagues.


“Our neighbors who were on our flanks, the so-called DRO ‘Potok,’ the Gazprom PMC that our director was talking about, completely abandoned their positions at night, threw down their weapons and fu*k out of there,” the Wagner mercenary said.

 “We had to close the holes with our own forces.”

 Earlier, Prigozhin criticized the actions of Gazprom, which created the PMC Potok, with the words “to every creature there is a pair.” He confirmed the Ukrainian intelligence that a PMC had been set up by Gazprom – a Russian energy company partially owned by the Kremlin - to fight in Ukraine.

Ukraine Will Receive US Aid, Well-Known Republicans in Kyiv Assure
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Ukraine Will Receive US Aid, Well-Known Republicans in Kyiv Assure

US Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Ukraine must be victorious over Russia. Pompeo sought to assuage fears that a Trump presidency would hurt Ukraine.

 Ukrainian intelligence reported that Gazprom's PMC might even outnumber Wagner's PMC, while the exact source of its funding is uncertain.

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I support
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Sociopathic tyrants don't care about people dying. Just there inflated sense of self. Tragic Russia follows this man. This won't end well.

dirk westeuorpe
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Are this the "real men" from the latest ad campaign from the military in Russia? The men who give their live for Putin without daring to point out that their live is more important then Putin keeping his job, continuing his corruption keeping his enormous income?