Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya and Putin’s longstanding ally, has stated that the mastermind behind the recent drone attack on the Kremlin will eventually face punishment, but it shouldn’t be done immediately.

 In his post on the Telegram channel, Kadyrov described the drone attack as a “provocation and a means to push for more massive actions,” which could have led to the “bombardment of Ukrainian cities.” He praised the “restraint and wisdom” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who did not fall for the provocation.

 Kadyrov affirmed that those responsible for the attack would eventually face “just, well-deserved punishment.” However, he believes that it is premature to pursue justice as the “world community's interests currently eclipse justice.”


 Kadyrov called on Russia to “restore the world’s justice institutions” before demanding accountability from the perpetrators. The Chechen leader also asserted that the drone attack should not alter the planned course of the ‘special military operation.’

 “Therefore, today’s provocation should not and will not change the scenario of the planned course of the special military operation,” Kadyrov said. “Yes, this is an attack on the president, which means on the state and, as a result, on the entire people of the Russian Federation. But this should not affect our conceived plans and interests. And there will be retribution, of course. And it will be surgically and jewelry accurate.”

Shoigu’s Deputy Arrested on Bribery Charges, Faces 15 Years in Prison
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Shoigu’s Deputy Arrested on Bribery Charges, Faces 15 Years in Prison

The Russian Deputy Defense Minister who oversaw the supposed restoration of occupied Mariupol after its destruction by Kremlin forces is suspected of taking a 1 million ruble bribe.

 On May 3, the Russian President's press service reported a terrorist attack and an attempt on Putin's life involving two drones that struck the Kremlin. The Russian authorities claim that the Ukrainian authorities orchestrated the drone attack, with the decision made in the United States. Kyiv and Washington have denied any involvement.

 At the same time, numerous military analysts believe that Russia likely staged a drone attack near the Kremlin to bring the war in Ukraine to its domestic audience and set conditions for wider societal mobilization.


 According to the recent ISW assessment, several indicators suggest that the strike was internally conducted and purposefully staged, including recent moves by Russian authorities to increase domestic air defense capabilities, which make it extremely unlikely that two drones could have penetrated multiple layers of air defense and detonated over the heart of the Moscow.

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