Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed to deepen ties with South African leader Cyril Ramaphosa, the Kremlin said Friday, May 13, after the United States accused Pretoria of secretly shipping arms to Russia.

The two "expressed their intentions to further intensify mutually beneficial ties in various fields," the Kremlin said in a statement following a call between the two leaders.

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I expect that South Africa is confused and whilst it opposes the historic West due to the misery of colonialism, and who can blame it, it is merely being courted by Russia looking to bolster its own anti-West group of nations and perhaps South Africa feels pressure exerted by the bully that is Russia to respond favourably. What South Africa should see is that in these post-colonial times it is Russia (and China) trying to exert influence in Africa and Putin has basically declared his own colonial ambitions in the style of Peter the Great and sought to grab territory by force. Further, in these post-apartheid times is it not quite shocking from South Africa's perspective that Russia fills its own military ranks of cannon fodder primarily from its own ethnic minorities rather than its own white Russians around Moscow and St Petersburg. Is that the sort of nation South Africa actually wants to do business with given its own history? You like a white supremacist colonial power after all then?
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It has been obvious for some time that South Africa has made the decision to join the Russian Federation block. Very soon the remains of Wagner will be invited to South Africa as 'guests' and the association will be settled permanently.
jack Dunster
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And South Africa goes fully down the plug hole of corruption and self-destruction - Som much for mandela's vision.....