Yevhen Borysov, the former head of the Odesa regional center for recruitment and social support, was detained today in a joint operation conducted by the State Bureau of Investigation (DBR) and the Prosecutor General. Borysov is suspected of illicit enrichment, involving hundreds of millions of hryvnias.

According to reports from the DBR’s press service, Borysov attempted to evade capture by employing various measures, including changing phone numbers, cars, and locations. However, after a rigorous two-day search, the authorities managed to apprehend him in Kyiv.

The arrest came just days after Borysov was declared a suspect in cases related to illegal enrichment amounting to hundreds of millions of hryvnias and for deliberately evading his official duties.


The DBR seeks to keep Borysov in custody without the possibility of bail, citing his earlier attempts to flee justice.

This recent development comes in the wake of investigative reports that shed light on the extravagant possessions of Borysov’s family members. Notably, his mother was found to be the owner of a luxurious residential building in Spain, valued at more than €4 million, and had recently purchased a Mercedes-Benz EQV car for almost Hr.3 million ($81,000).

Law enforcement officers later discovered that Borisov’s mother-in-law had acquired an expensive fleet of vehicles, including a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and a Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG, despite lacking sufficient legitimate income to support such purchases.

Criminal Case Instead of Resignation: What Do the Charges Against the Minister of Agrarian Policy Mean?
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Criminal Case Instead of Resignation: What Do the Charges Against the Minister of Agrarian Policy Mean?

Minister of Agrarian Policy Mykola Solskyi has become one of the few top-level officials in the history of Ukraine to face corruption charges during his tenure.

Additionally, the wife of the ex-military commissar herself acquired foreign property, an office space in Spain worth €737,000, without having an identifiable legal source of funds.

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) revealed substantial evidence pointing to illegal enrichment on Borisov’s part, with the alleged amount exceeding HR.188 million ($5 million).

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