During the full-scale war, the family of the head of the Odesa Military Commissariat, Yevhen Borisov, bought real estate and cars worth millions of dollars on the coast of Spain. Borisov himself registered real estate in Marbella in the name of his retired mother.

This was stated in an investigation by Ukrainska Pravda, published on Thursday, June 22.


Borisov had worked as head of the Territorial Center for Procurement and Social Protection of the Odesa Region, military commissariat since 1996. In a telephone conversation with the publication, he immediately insisted that his family did not own anything in Spain. 

However, after the interviewer mentioned extracts from the local land registry, the military man said that his wife was engaged in retail trade in Spain and he does not get involved in these matters.Borisov also allegedly  claimed that he “doesn't know whether his relatives bought real estate on the Spanish coast.


I didn't buy anything; I already gave an explanation [for this].

Borisov stated that his wife was supposed to tell him about it in time, but at the moment she was dealing with the documentation. When asked about a car his mother-in-law had purchased, the military commander said that she had “sold her old car and bought herself a Land Cruiser.

Investigators found out that at the end of 2022, Yevhen Borisov's family had bought an estate in Spain worth more than 3 million euros, which was registered in Borisov's mother’s name. According to open source information, his wife had purchased office space on the main street of Marbella.

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