Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Directorate (HUR) has claimed that Russia plans to sink at least six ferries or similar sized vessels in an attempt to build a barrier to protect the Crimean Bridge.


In a post on Telegram, they identified the location of the first sunken craft at the following coordinates- 45.243 ; 36.585, as shown on the map below.



HUR indicated that Russian forces are already in the process of preparing a second ferry and will link the six ferries with other forms of barrier.


Ukraine has already carried out two successful attacks which have seriously damaged the bridge structure.


The first was October’s vehicle-borne attack and the second was the sea-borne attack on the bridge on July 17 using two so-called “Sea Baby” Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) drones. In spite of Moscow’s categorization of the attacks as “terrorist” operations, Kyiv considers it to be a legitimate military target.



HUR claims the Kremlin “demanded anything to secure the facility, which is critically important for the military logistics of the Russian army of occupation.”


It added that attempting to protect the 19-kilometer-long bridge in this way “testifies to the feverishness of the enemy's decisions and the intellectual crisis within the military-political leadership” of Russia.

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