Ukraine marked its 32nd Independence Day with President Volodymyr Zelensky delivering a traditional annual speech.

“The great people of this great Ukraine, celebrating today a great day – Independence Day! A holiday of free people. A holiday of strong people. A holiday of people with dignity.”

“This is a value for each of us. And this is what we are fighting for. And everyone is important in this fight. Because this is a fight for something that is important to everyone. An independent Ukraine,” he affirmed.

The president acknowledged the sacrifices made by soldiers, sailors, officers, and generals who defended the nation. He thanked the families who stood strong, supporting their loved ones on the frontlines.



“To you, warrior! You stood up to defend Ukraine. I thank every soldier and sailor, every sergeant and petty officer, every officer, every general.”

He thanked teachers who worked tirelessly, often online, to ensure education continued despite the challenges.

He expressed gratitude for the medical professionals who saved countless lives under the most adverse conditions, highlighting the dedication of doctors, nurses, and combat medics.

The President acknowledged the resilience of the Ukrainian people during trying times, including periods of missile attacks and power outages.

“Our power engineers worked around the clock. During air raids. Sometimes under fire. Always in danger. Always knowing how much people are waiting for electricity in hospitals and defense enterprises. And how much every family is waiting for light and warmth.”

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Beijing confirmed the talks with Kuleba, with foreign ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning saying the visit had been initiated by China's foreign minister.

Zelensky also emphasized the crucial role of Ukrainian journalists in spreading the truth about the country and its struggles.

He paid tribute to the anonymous heroes, including missile manufacturers, artillery operators, and drone pilots, who contributed to the country’s defense efforts without seeking recognition.


“Today I want to speak separately about those who cannot yet be mentioned in the news, whose names are known to few, but whose work is visible to all. Our missiles. Ukrainian munitions. Our artillery. Ukrainian drones: Leleka, Fury. Naval drones, Neptune, Corsair, Stuhna. We produce all of this. Ukrainians produce all of this.”

The speech concluded with a heartfelt message: “Happy Independence Day, Ukraine! Because we all made it so that when one person says: ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ the whole world responds: ‘Glory to the Heroes!’”

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