A Russian soldier has been overheard in an intercepted phone call bragging to his wife about how he murdered an alleged Ukrainian partisan by shooting him, blowing him up in a basement and then burning his body.

In the call, released by Ukraine's Military Intelligence (HUR), the man is asked how he treats “peaceful civilians.”

He replies: Well, there was one fa**ot here, old d**k. He hung flashlights on the houses where the personnel lived so that the Khokhly [a derogatory term for Ukrainians] would track them down and shell them.”

And now, where is this guy? his wife asks.

“As soon as we found out about him, we shot him the fuck in the basement and threw grenades. And then burned him,” the soldier replies.

The conversation then turns to the situation on the frontlines with the soldier painting a grim picture of what Russian forces are facing.


The wife asks: “So, wait, please tell me, how do you fight? That is, the convicts go first, and then you? 

He replies: “It depends. When there are no convicts, we go on assault. I'm not a fucking d**k, I'm a stormtrooper.

We are the first to storm.

But the soldier’s self-professed claim to be a professional “stormtrooper” are then contradicted by his wife who’s next question suggests he’s actually been sent to the front in a hurry without proper training.

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“How many days have you had on exercises? she asks. “Why is everything so swift? Hop! and you are on the frontline.”

His answer betrays an apparent critical situation facing Russian forces on the frontlines.

Well, because there aren't enough people,” he replies. We have taken two forested areas so far more than 600 people have died.

The wife then asks if there are a lot of people there with him but he says that of those who was with since the start of the operation “only three are left.”


The revelation of the true situation he faces angers his wife who reprimands him for signing a contract to fight: Why the f**k did you sign a contract for two years? Two f**king years! 

His reply does nothing to assuage her concerns, saying “soon another year will be added.

“The total will be three! There are not enough commanders here at all, there are no officers,” he says.

When she asks where they all are, he says: “They're over, they're not eternal!

Were they eliminated, or what?” she replies. 

Of course! 

The call ends on another grim note when the wife asks what if Russian forces are taking Ukrainian prisoners.

Of course not, f**k them,” he replies.

She responds: “I mean, are you killing everyone?

Sure. Prisoners are an extra burden,” he replies.

Though the calls have not been independently verified, and the exact dates of the calls are not known, the situation for soldiers on both sides is difficult as Ukraine’s counteroffensive gains momentum. 

Ukrainian soldiers have told Kyiv Post they would fight on, but morale has been suffering with no quick end in sight.


However, the release of such intercepted conversations by Ukraine’s intelligence services indicates that Russia’s military finds itself in a much more dire situation, with soldiers coming to fear their own side as much as that of their Ukrainian adversary.

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