Belarus claimed on Thursday that a Polish helicopter had violated its airspace as tensions are high between the two countries amid the conflict in Ukraine.

"At about 15:20 (1220 GMT), an aircraft crossed the border of the Republic of Belarus," the defence ministry said, adding that the helicopter had flown up to 1.5 kilometres inside Belarusian airspace.

"At 16:22 (1322 GMT) the helicopter again violated the state border," the statement said.

The defence ministry said it had scrambled aircraft but provided no further details. In a separate statement, the Belarusian foreign ministry said it had summoned the Polish charge d'affaires and demanded that "an objective investigation be carried out immediately.

Minsk also insisted that "comprehensive measures" be taken to prevent a repeat of such incidents.


The Polish army said the Belarusian claim was "false."

"Records made by flight control stations and radar stations confirm: such an event did not take place," the army's operational command said in a statement.

"The Polish army respects and follows all provisions and regulations relating to the inviolability of borders."

Belarus has repeatedly accused the EU member of breaching its airspace. Warsaw denies the claims.

Relations between Minsk and Warsaw, frozen for years, have hit new lows since Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko allowed Moscow to use his country to attack Ukraine.

Poland has been one of Ukraine's staunchest supporters since Russia sent troops to Ukraine in February 2022 and is one of Kyiv's main weapons suppliers.

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