Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) employees conducted a multi-stage special operation, resulting in the detention of another alleged agent from Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) in Kyiv.

"The agent was gathering intelligence about the special units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Security Service of Ukraine, specifically those specializing in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles," stated a message from the special service, released via Telegram on Monday, October 2.

This Russian agent received his task from his Russian "handler" at the end of the summer. To carry it out, the agent tried to enroll in one of Kyiv's "Drone Army" schools. 

"After gaining admission to the institution, his mission was to identify the locations of the training grounds of the Defense Forces, where cadets are instructed in operating attack and reconnaissance drones," reported the SBU.


The suspect also intended to discover the bases of Ukrainian UAV special forces and their drone deployments. According to SBU information, the Russians were preparing to use the intelligence provided by their agent to carry out targeted aerial attacks on Ukrainian Armed Forces and Security Service facilities.

Additionally, the agent roamed the streets of Kyiv, posing as an ordinary resident, while recording the locations of Ukrainian defenders within the city.

"In the event of successful completion of hostile missions, the Russian infiltrators 'guaranteed' their agent a monetary reward, which was to be transferred to his bank account," added the special service. 

British Defence Intelligence Update Ukraine 21 April 2024
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British Defence Intelligence Update Ukraine 21 April 2024

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SBU personnel apprehended the Russian agent "red-handed" while he was photographing one of the military units in the capital. He turned out to be a 49-year-old businessman from Kyiv who had been remotely recruited by a representative of the Russian FSB two months prior. 

"He came to the attention of the aggressor due to his anti-Ukrainian posts on a Russian Telegram channel. Subsequent communication occurred through an anonymous messenger chat," the message clarified. 


Currently, SBU investigators have formally charged the suspect with suspicion under Article 111, Part 2, of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (treason committed during martial law), which carries a potential life imprisonment sentence. 

Last week, the Security Service of Ukraine detained suspected Russian agents who were accused of aiding in targeting during the attack on Kyiv on September 21 by relaying coordinates to Moscow's forces before the strike.

Two local residents, allegedly working on behalf of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces (GRU), were identified as responsible for directing Russian missiles towards Kyiv. 

Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelensky, responded to the detention of these Russian agents, stating, "This is a clear warning to all traitors: retribution awaits."

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