Partisans in Mariupol have told Kyiv Post that Moscow has launched an “information and psychological operation (IPSO)” to flush them out after what they say were false reports about the murders of Russian soldiers circulated on social media.

The Russian telegram channel “Кремль Табакерка” (Kremlin Snuffbox) has claimed that six Russian soldiers had been killed in Russian-occupied Mariupol over the past few days. Two soldiers, one of whom was an officer, were shot in the back of the head right on the street.

Four more Russian soldiers were found dead on one of the beaches of Mariupol. They had all apparently been drinking alcohol, possibly with their killers, before being stabbed to death. The reports also claim that a portrait of Vladimir Putin was found next to the bodies with the words “Go Away” written on it in the blood of one of the victims.


Kyiv Post asked sources within the Mariupol underground for comment on the reports, but was told it is “some kind of fake news and nonsense.”

They said: “The person who wrote this was not in the city and does not understand the situation inside the city.”

The partisans are also convinced that there is some ulterior motive and specific purpose behind Russia’s spreading of the information.

“It's either IPSO or some kind of a way to find us,” our contact from the partisans said.

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As previously reported by Kyiv Post, Russian law enforcement agencies have said that they believe that Ukrainian partisans were also involved in the murder of two Russian-appointed occupation police officers and an FSB agent in Mariupol on Nov. 11 and 12.

According to Russian media, all three were shot dead; one by a sniper, and the other two were shot in the back of the head at close range with a handgun.

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