Ukraine’s partisans had a particularly active weekend, targeting and killing several Russian officers and servicemen in occupied territory.

On Saturday, a blast triggered by “local resistance movements” in the city of Melitopol, a Russian military headquarters, killed three officers, Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence (HUR) said on Sunday.

They added: “The attack on the headquarters was carried out during the meeting of the (Russian security service) FSB and (Russian National Guard) Rosgvardia.”

HUR credited the attack to “revenge action, carried out by representatives of the local resistance movement.”

Elsewhere, Russian media reported that over Nov. 11 and 12, two Russian police officers and an FSB officer were shot dead. The former were shot with a pistol at close range in the back of the head and the latter by a sniper.


According to reports, all three were involved in investigating the activities of the Ukrainian underground resistance movement.

Russian media also confirmed the death in hospital of a policeman collaborating with the Russian occupation forces in Mariupol, who was targeted in a bomb attack on Friday.

Partisans told Kyiv Post they “gave a gift” to the officer to celebrate the Day of the Russian Police. The “gift” later exploded.

The partisans did not reveal details of the operation, because “if we reveal them, then we will not be able to repeat it.”

‘Our Revenge Will Be Horrific’ – Partisans Execute New Sabotage on Russian Railway
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‘Our Revenge Will Be Horrific’ – Partisans Execute New Sabotage on Russian Railway

This railway is used to transport military equipment and Russian troops to the combat zone in Ukraine.

But the source said that an explosive device was placed near the driver’s seat, under the hood of the car.

“The explosive device was made from improvised means, since we have them in the city,” the Mariupol partisans told Kyiv Post.

Russia’s woes in the occupied territories stretched back all of last week ­with a spate of apparent assassinations aimed at decapitating and undermining Russian occupation authorities.

On Nov. 8 a Russian-backed politician was killed in a car bomb in the occupied eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk, local media reported. Ukraine’s military intelligence told Kyiv Post it was the work of the local Ukrainian underground operating in the region.


“And this will happen to every traitor,” a representative of HUR, Andriy Yusov said, commenting on the Luhansk car bombing.

And in Russia itself last week, a senior FSB officer was killed in an ambush carried out by pro-Kyiv Russians.

The Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), a paramilitary unit of Russian citizens based in Ukraine and fighting against the Russian government released a video which they say shows their assassination of a high-ranking Russian intelligence officer.

“As a result of professional ambush operations, an FSB (the successor agency to the KGB) lieutenant colonel and a service SUV were destroyed,” the group wrote on its Telegram page.

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