The recent draft law on improving mobilization submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers contains a number of provisions that may violate the Constitution of Ukraine.

According to Dmytro Lubinets, the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, the proposal would introduce restrictions for alleged draft dodgers contrary to their rights.

“There is a direct provision of the Constitution: a person cannot be restricted in his or her rights,” said the Ombudsman on Ukrainian TV on Dec. 27.

According to him, there is a provision that allows restrictions on the rights of citizens under martial law, but they cannot be restricted “indefinitely.”

“If a person officially owns, for example, a house, we cannot legally prohibit him or her from selling this house or buying another one. This would directly contradict the Constitution of Ukraine,” Lubinets said.


The Ombudsman said that Ukraine cannot turn into a state similar to the Russian Federation, where the Constitution will be just a piece of paper.

Earlier, on Dec. 25, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law regulating mobilization, recruitment and military service.

The bill proposes to change the conscription age from 27 to 25 years. It provides for compulsory basic general military training of up to 3 months for all citizens aged 18 to 25 at all educational institutions.

The document also delineates restrictions on the rights of Ukrainians who allegedly evade military registration and military service, military registration for Ukrainians abroad, and the mobilization of people with disabilities.

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Kyiv Post wrote more about this draft law here.

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