Germany will continue supporting Ukraine, especially following Russia’s brutal attacks against Ukrainian civilians.

The relevant statement was made by the German Federal Foreign Office on the social media platform X, following Russia’s massive drone and missile attack on Ukraine’s territory.

“Shortly before the turn of the year, Russia is once again spreading terror across the whole of Ukraine. More than 100 missiles and drones destroyed, among other things, a maternity hospital and ripped people from everyday life to their deaths. Even in 2024, we won’t move an inch away from the Ukrainian side,” the report states.

Just before the Christmas holidays, the German Federal Foreign Office published on its website the article ‘For as long as it takes: Germany’s support for Ukraine’.


At the same time, Roderich Kiesewetter, a representative of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, noted on the social media platform X that Russian air attacks were to be expected, especially during winter.

“The terrorist state of Russia destroys civilians and deliberately bombards peaceful residents. Russia is waging a war of extermination,” Kiesewetter wrote.

In his words, Russia sees itself at an advantage, because the West is too weak.

Kiesewetter expressed confidence that Ukraine’s 1991 borders must be restored. In his opinion, economic and political support for Ukraine should exceed that of Russia’s war economy and the support of autocracies, such as China, Iran and North Korea.

SBU Allege Ex-State Enterprise Leadership Let World’s Largest Airplane Be Destroyed
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SBU Allege Ex-State Enterprise Leadership Let World’s Largest Airplane Be Destroyed

The Mriya's commander, Dmitry Antonov, told the Kyiv Post that the plane could have been saved, but that the crew “really wanted to help those who wanted to take Kyiv in three days.”

The German politician emphasized that Ukraine’s liberation counteroffensive is hindered by the West, delivering “too little, too late”. He stressed the importance of faster supplies, and mentioned that the negotiated solution with Russia is dangerous.

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