US President Joe Biden on Friday again called on Congress to step up the process of approving additional funding for Ukraine in 2024.

"The American people can be proud of the lives we have helped to save and the support we have given Ukraine as it defends its people, its freedom, and its independence. But unless Congress takes urgent action in the new year, we will not be able to continue sending the weapons and vital air defense systems Ukraine needs to protect its people. Congress must step up and act without any further delay," Biden said in a statement posted on the White House website.

The US President also said the morning missile attack carried out by Russia on Ukraine is "a stark reminder to the world that, after nearly two years of this devastating war, Putin's objective remains unchanged. He seeks to obliterate Ukraine and subjugate its people. He must be stopped."


Biden also said the stakes of this fight extend far beyond Ukraine. They affect the entirety of the NATO Alliance, the security of Europe, and the future of the Transatlantic relationship. Putin has not just attempted to destroy Ukraine; he has threatened some of our NATO Allies as well.

"When dictators and autocrats are allowed to run roughshod in Europe, the risk rises that the United States gets pulled in directly. And the consequences reverberate around the world. That's why the United States has rallied a coalition of more than 50 countries to support the defense of Ukraine," Biden said.

Ukraine on the Defensive as Russia War Enters Third Year
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Ukraine on the Defensive as Russia War Enters Third Year

As the war in Ukraine reached its three-year mark, Ukrainians stand defiant as the country is now on the defensive with looming concerns waiting to be addressed by its government and Western partners.

Earlier in December, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that the Biden administration expects Congress to agree on assistance to Ukraine in early January.

Before this, it was reported that US senators from both parties came to the conclusion that the issue of allocating funds for further assistance to Ukraine would have to be decided in January – after the break for the Christmas and New Year holidays. The US Senate is scheduled to resume work on Jan. 8.

The US House of Representatives also promised to return to this topic in 2024.


In October, Biden sent a request to Congress for additional funding, including providing financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $61.4 billion for a year.

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I'm a Republican. I support Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel. But leverage is political necessity. Right now the hard left wants open borders 80% of Americans don't support that policy. The funding bill is a National Security Bill. Our national security demands secure border. Biden can solve this by agreeing to the Republican Senate proposal and funding for Ukraine Taiwan Israel and our Southern Border will be secured. Then it is time to start deporting illegal immigrants.
Bobby Singer
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Biden is not king. He can pout and bloviate all he wants but if he can't commit to securing his own border he has no business committing to securing Ukraine's

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@Bobby Singer, You are probably just another russian paid with a pumped up western moniker, or perhaps another mindless MAGA brainwashed troll, but since it is becoming fun for me to tie up either groups time on the forum here goes.

The USA's border crisis is instigated and facilitated by putin, his paid cronies and his other foreign authoritarian buddies who all share the common intent of destabilizing the USA. They also do this through their state funded cybercrime and troll farms. Your current president is not the problem anymore than ALL past presidents were. The USA's success and freedoms are desired by refugee fleeing unstable genocidal regions of the world...its logical.

What has changed is the massive escalating of foreign civil disruptions by tyrants and use of these hybrid war techniques by those foreign regimes who wish the USA ill. At a time when its never been more important for Americans to unify, the brainwashed MAGA cults further aggravate the impact with their dissent sowing comments and political support for lying, vindictive and criminal con-representatives in the pockets of USA enemies. You want a conservative government agenda....while then support someone who does not want to undermine your nation and spread hate. Right now your MAGA leaders crazy talk is driving conservatives towards your political opponents...logical.

Bobby says what?

Bobby Singer
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@John, I could less about Ukraine or Putin. I don't care if Putin takes over Ukraine nor do I care if he doesn't. Life will go on here in the West either way.

What I care about is our border. I care about American cities and towns that are being overrun with illegal immigrants. If Biden can commit to defending the Ukraine border or Israelis he can commit to defending his own. Republicans shouldn't have to blackmail him with Ukraine to do his first duty as president which is to defend the nation against an invasion.

If not I hope republicans hold firm. Otherwise, Ukranians can do what democrats suggest offer those Russians amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform.