The U.S. President has named the defense of Ukraine, Israel and other partners from external aggression one of the major accomplishments of the United States in 2023.

Joe Biden said this in a post on his official page on the social platform X.

“We have stood up for our allies and partners in Israel, Ukraine, and across the globe - and strengthened our alliances around the world," Biden said in the document, which listed the main accomplishments of his administration over the past year.

The U.S. President wrote this in the section "Strengthened Democracy at Home and Abroad". Among other accomplishments of 2023, Biden noted tackling inflation, tackling the climate crisis, more investments in America, creating new jobs, increasing access to higher education, reducing violence in the country, etc.


During the last days of 2023, the U.S. administration reaffirmed that America stands for freedom, against tyranny and oppression, and will continue to support the people of Ukraine as they fight against Russian armed aggression.

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Letter to President. Biden. Thanks for doing what you've done so far to help Ukraine. I would have preferred the 'Thors Hammer' came down more swiftly and thus sent a decisive message to putin in the first week of the war. My thoughts being, that it would have saved so many Ukrainian defenders and innocent civilian lives. I don't understand why more could not have been done earlier, but its not my skillset to know this, so I just hope it was the right move. I think all allied nations (putin's buddy Orban being the exception) know decisively that had Rump been president Ukraine would have fallen long ago. In his own words he adores putin and dislikes Ukraine and most traditional USA allies. So it could have been worse. Still....please help Ukraine win this year.

Please also explain to your people why the outcome of this war is so important, and also such a great investment in USA security, compared to MAGA's proposed abandonment of all USA allies. I think it would help for you to share more details about the cost and social impact the hybrid war being conducted against the USA by putin and similar autocratic / dictator led nations. American media must better cover these important wartime events. An educated society makes better decisions.

An uneducated population becomes receptive to the lies the putin funded MAGA movement sells about how all USA problems are due solely to your leadership.
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God has better plans for all of us than we can conceive .

His plans for me are so much greater than I can envision!” (Jud. 6-7; Pro. 9:2; Jer. 29:11)