A new law relating to the legal situation of the president has been adopted in Belarus and signed into Law by President Aleksandr Lukashenko. It describes in more detail the guarantees for ex-presidents, their family members, and the requirements for their successors.

The law stipulates that the country's leader has the right to receive official residential premises, as well as premises for temporary stay and rest. He should also be provided with material and technical, social, household, and other services, as well as state and special communications.

All guarantees of the president, except for salary, apply to members of his family during his tenure.

Also, the law was supplemented with a chapter on guarantees for the president, who has ceased to exercise his powers, and his family members (parents, spouse, children, including adults).


Such a person will have lifelong state protection. He/she is guaranteed immunity and “shall not be held criminally liable for acts committed in connection with the exercise of his/her powers as President,” and may not be detained or tried in connection with those actions. This proviso is also extended to family members.

Housing and office premises, transport, means of communication, other property, and documents of the ex-president and his family must also be intact.

The life and health of ex-presidents should be insured at the expense of the state budget. They receive the right to a lifelong monthly allowance equivalent to the current president's salary, established by law.

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Each of the family members of the former president after his death will receive financial assistance in the amount provided for the president who has ceased to exercise his/her powers.

Only a citizen under the age of 40, who has the right to vote, has been a permanent resident of Belarus for at least 20 years, who does not or did not previously have the citizenship of a foreign state or a residence permit or other document of a foreign state that gives the right to become a new president, can become the new president.


In addition, the new law states that the president can retain office for no more than two terms.

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pootin is a nut job
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thats so funny,a dictator passing laws himself,what if belarus wants to become a democratic country then what,these dictators are not very clever,making smart choices is not their fine points,he would be wise to go jump on a plane and retire to a nice beach somewhere