Ukrinform, the state-owned Ukrainian news agency, reported on a post by an anonymous research account under the pseudonym “Markus Jonsson,” claiming that aircraft have suffered from navigation errors over the southern part of the Baltic Sea since Dec. 15 – and that the source of the jamming appears to be Russia’s Kaliningrad region.

The claims made by the “Markus Jonsson” account on the Mastodon and X social networks have not been independently verified, however, the accounts, which date back to December and January 2022, include near-daily posts with signal and sensor analyses.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Kaliningrad region, a former part of Germany bordered by the Baltic Sea, Lithuania, and Poland – taken by the Soviet Union as a spoil of World War II – was cut off from the rest of Russia.


Russia continues to maintain a military presence in the NATO-surrounded Kaliningrad region, including the Kaliningrad Chkalovsk naval air base.

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So why would this not be considered an attack on a NATO member? Or for that matter why is putins state sponsored cybertheft and other cyber crimes, political meddling, political dissent sowing troll farms and border destabilization via creating and then routing refugees to NATO member borders (which includes the USA) not considered acts of war meriting the triggering of Article 5.

I feel too many western nations are still being led by old school thinkers that do not understand what a hybrid war means in this era. There are many ways to attack and destabilize our nations which do not require dropping a bomb. We have been at hybrid war with malfeasant autocrats / terrorist regimes for many decades now. When should we expect an allied military response for these ongoing attacks? Allied leadership delays are not making any of our nations stronger.

At least take advantage of the current war's potential to finally wipe out putins' regime. Ukraine presently has clear moral and international legal right to bomb all russia's terrorist institutes and war targets. Give Ukraine whatever they need to do this decisively. When Ukraine wins we win.