A Russian citizen, reportedly “ideologically and proactively working” with the Atesh, set fire to a railroad relay cabinet used to transport missiles, a spokesperson for the partisan group told the Kyiv Post.

On Tuesday, Jan 30, partisans of the Atesh movement, which operates in the Ukrainian occupied territories and in Russia, sabotaged a Russian railroad. Near the village of Pervomaiskii in the Tambov region of Russia, the guerrillas set fire to the railroad, namely the relay cabinet responsible for the control of the railroad.

“As a result of the arson of the relay cabinet, the use of the railroad, which is used to transfer missiles to the arsenal of the Russian Aerospace Forces (military unit 14272) , was suspended,” the Atesh guerrillas wrote on Telegram.

A representative of the partisans told the Kyiv Post that the agent who set fire to the railroad control center is a citizen of the Russian Federation but does not work for the railroad.


The underground partisans said: “He’s been working with us ideologically and proactively for some time.”

The Russian citizen was not paid for this special operation

“We paid only for consumables. Logistics, the road, the [explosive] mixture,” Atesh, a representative of the movement, told Kyiv Post.

Videos published by the underground partisans confirm that the fire engulfed the railroad’s control center.

Planning of the operation took months

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“For a long time, we have been scouting the routes and logistics schedule of the enemy's military cargo trains. The preparations have paid off,” the underground wrote on social media.

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