The Kremlin said Wednesday “many” foreign news outlets had requested to interview President Vladimir Putin, contradicting talk show host Tucker Carlson’s claim he was the only Western reporter to ask.

The former Fox News host, who visited Moscow for an interview with Putin this week, said no Western journalist had “bothered” to request access to the Kremlin leader since Moscow’s Ukraine offensive began.

“We receive many requests for interviews with the president,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters when asked whether Carlson was the only person who requested a sit-down with Putin.

“But when it comes to countries of the collective West, we are talking about large online media outlets that can’t boast of trying to at least look objective,” he said in a daily briefing.


Carlson’s position “contrasts with that of the traditional Anglo-Saxon media,” Peskov said.

CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour and the BBC’s Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg were among those who refuted Carlson’s claim on social media.

Carlson, whose radical conservative opinions have garnered a vast right-wing following, did not say when the interview will be broadcast but mentioned it will be free to watch.

Carlson’s access to Putin represents a huge contrast with restraints on other American journalists in Russia, where two US citizens -- Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich and Radio Free Europe’s Alsu Kurmasheva -- are being held in detention.

Russia's Republicans
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Russia's Republicans

There’s little question that the Republican Party has become Vladimir Putin’s biggest political ally in his war against Ukraine, the author writes.
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Comments (3)
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So Tucker the complete sellout interviewed an evil monster who is known to lie about just about everything - very much like Trumpler - to garner some $$ e.g., didn't end too well when wing fell off his friend Prigozhin's private jet.... and of course he promised over years that he would never invade Ukraine... oh and don't forget he's liberating Ukrainians...
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Tucker Carlson is a propagandist for his point of view. That's why Russian's are considering granting him an interview, because he's "trying to at least look objective" (from the Russian/Putin point of view). Tucker Carlson is not interested in the actual truth.
Bob Boomhauer
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Tucker "The Fucker" Carlson is a fascist toad. His chronic lying cost his employer hundreds of millions, and as a result, this pimp for Russian Nazis lost his job. He's too arrogant and stupid to understand that the katsaps will use him for their purposes, and nothing else.

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@Bob Boomhauer, Agreed, he is a useful idiot for the Russians and now also a propaganda tool for Putin.

I won't watch the interview, it would give credibility to Putin to even think he has fair reasons for the crime he has commited against innocent people.

Carlson should lose his press credentials and no self respecting politician or celebrity should ever wish to be interviewed by him again.