Members of military partisan group Atesh have conducted surveillance on ammunition depots belonging to the Russian Black Sea Fleet in occupied Crimea. The group sharedphotos of its recent operations via Telegram.

"Our agents conducted reconnaissance of ammunition depots at logistics center 758 of the Russian Black Sea Fleet near Naumovka village in the Saky district," the message read.

According to the guerilla group, the territory was vast and heavily guarded, with patrols stationed along the perimeter and watchtowers manned by sentries.

Its members suspected that ammunition for artillery, missile, and mine-torpedo weapons used on Russian warships were being stored here.

"We confirmed that the enemy is dispersing the stockpile of ammunition, and we also witnessed the loading of boxes with ammunition intended for transportation to military units," the group’s message stated.


Atesh noted that all information was passed on to the ArmedForces of Ukraine.

"We are dedicated to liberating our people and territory from occupation," the message read.

Partisans of the Atesh movement previously told Kyiv Post that they risk arrest and worse for their operations against Russian forces in occupied Ukrainian territories and sometimes inside Russia.

Recently, the group conducted comprehensive surveillance of the Saky airfield in Russian-occupied Crimea, revealing the exact number of aircraft stationed there. This airfield is strategically essential, serving as the main departure point for Russian fighter jets conducting attacks on Ukraine.

Russia Sentences Ukrainian to 12 Years For Spying
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Russia Sentences Ukrainian to 12 Years For Spying

Russia has arrested and imprisoned dozens of people for allegedly cooperating with Ukraine's army and intelligence agencies since it launched its full-scale military offensive in February 2022.

Sources within the partisan movement emphasized to Kyiv Post the high risk associated with such operations, saying; “The agent risks being detained. Important objects like these are heavily guarded.”

Atesh, meaning “fire” in the Crimean Tatar language, is a military partisan group operating in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine, including Crimea and the Donbas region, as well as inside Russia. 


They engage in reconnaissance missions, sabotage operations, and other roles in coordination with Ukraine’s military and intelligence communities.

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