France will provide Ukraine with Mirage-2000 fighter jets and train Ukrainian pilots as part of a new military cooperation agreement, President Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday, June 6, during the D-Day commemorations.

"Tomorrow, we will begin a new cooperation phase and confirm the transfer of Mirage 2000-5 jets to Ukraine, produced by French manufacturer Dassault. We will also train their pilots in France," Macron stated on French TV.

Furthermore, during the leaders' upcoming meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris on Friday, Macron plans to offer Zelensky a training program for Ukrainian pilots to start this summer.

"Typically, training takes about five to six months. Therefore, we expect the pilots to be ready by the end of the year," Macron said, noting that the training will take place in France. He did not disclose the number of jets to be delivered.


Macron also disclosed that France will equip and train a brigade of 4,500 Ukrainian soldiers, preparing them for defense upon their return to Ukraine.

Ukraine has been urging Europe for increased military support as Russia has gained ground in recent months. Zelensky's visit to France, which coincides with the 80th anniversary of D-Day, is a pivotal moment for securing more aid.

Macron mentioned that Ukraine has requested Western allies to send military instructors to train Ukrainian forces domestically in order to speed up troop training.

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"The Ukrainian president and defense minister sent an official letter to all allies 48 hours ago, asking for quicker training and for it to happen on Ukrainian soil," Macron said.

There was speculation that Macron might promptly announce the dispatch of French instructors to Ukraine after his discussions with Zelensky on Friday.

However, he emphasized that any decisions would be made collectively with France’s allies and insisted that such actions would not be "escalatory."

"We will act based on a collective decision with our partners," he said.


Macron reassured that France's support for Ukraine would remain steadfast as he and other notable figures, including Joe Biden, honored Zelensky with a standing ovation at a D-Day ceremony.

"Thank you to the Ukrainian people for their bravery. We are here and we will not weaken," Macron declared at Omaha Beach, as French jets performed a fly-past.

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