After a meeting with representatives of the Belarusian Kalinoŭski regiment – a group of Belarusian volunteers formed to defend Ukraine from the Russian invasion – members of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) want to put to a vote their resolution to recognize Belarus as an occupied territory of the Russian Federation.

“The Ukrainian side expressed respect for the Belarusians, who are fighting for Ukraine with weapons in their hands, and declared the desire to cooperate with the Kalinoŭski regiment as a legitimate representative of the Belarusian people,” the regiment’s press service reported.

There are new reports of a possible Russian attack on Ukraine originating from Belarus. The latter is not officially participating in the war, but has allowed Russia to use its territory and military resources to conduct hostilities in Ukraine.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) once again appealed to Belarusians not to join the war and not to execute the criminal orders of the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko.

“We value the friendship between our peoples more than the opportunity to respond to the criminal decisions of your leadership,” the appeal says.

The AFU also warned they would respond to all Belarus actions and strike military facilities in response. They called on the Belarusian army to prevent itself from being drawn into the war and to surrender to Ukrainian forces if they receive an order to attack.

Putin-Allied Belarus Only 50 Meters Across a River: What’s Happening at Ukraine’s Border
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Putin-Allied Belarus Only 50 Meters Across a River: What’s Happening at Ukraine’s Border

In 2022, Russian troops invaded Ukraine from Belarus. Today, the border's quiet, but Ukraine's continually building its defenses. And at the local level, once-friendly neighbors have broken off ties
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