Peter Pomerantsev, a British journalist and writer, has told Kyiv Post that Russian propaganda against Ukraine does not work in Europe and North America, but that cannot be said about the rest of the world.

“In Europe the Russians have lost ground. Their TV channels were simply shut down. They are having big problems there. Even in Germany, which was quite loyal to Moscow, public sentiments have changed. But the Russians say they don’t care two hoots about the West,” said Pomerantsev, noting the presence of complete support for Ukraine in Europe and the United States.

“But it’s different in other regions of the world – Africa, Asia and others. They believe in Moscow’s narratives – that the evil West attacked Russia, that Russia is defending itself, that this is NATO’s war and the like,” added Pomerantsev.


According to him, Russia has friends in African countries, Saudi Arabia, China and other parts of the New World, and the Kremlin feels fine with them.

Pomerantsev is certain that Ukraine can and should change the situation: “It should be target-specific, making the most of opportunities in particular countries. For example, Venezuela’s neighbors hate Russia, because it supports Venezuela, that is a source of refugees, war and hell in that part of Latin America. You need to select those who are important to your country and work with them.”


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