The interior ministry of the Russian Republic of North Ossetia has announced the opening of a pedestrian crossing across the border into  Georgia. A mobilization point has also been set up at the checkpoint in Verkhny Lars.

According to the ministry, the enormous buildup of vehicles near the customs point  was a factor in this decision.

“The influx of passenger vehicles moving towards Georgia is seriously increasing. Despite the measures taken, the situation remains extremely tense,” according to the ministry.

It also announced that a mobilisation point for the military registration and enlistment office would be set up at the checkpoint shortly.

According to blogger Nikolai Levshits a convoy of Russian military supplies left Vladikavkaz recently en route for the Georgian border.

A pedestrian crossing was also opened at Verkhny Lars, reportedly due to heavy traffic congestion, according to information that surfaced on social media platforms the day before. However, the FSB in North Ossetia made it clear that Russians were permitted to enter the border on scooters or bicycles rather than on foot.


Upon Putin’s announcement of “partial mobilisation” across Russia last week,  kilometer-long traffic lineups to escape Russia developed at the Verkhny Lars border crossing point. A 20-kilometer-long traffic gridlock had formed at this border crossing by Sep. 26. There are also long queues of Russians fleeing at Russia’s border with Finland and Kazakhstan.

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