President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has announced in his video address the preparation for upgrading the country's diplomatic service and activation of the Ukrainian diplomacy in several directions.

"Today, I have held an important annual meeting with the ambassadors of Ukraine – the diplomatic corps of our state received instructions for the next year. We are preparing to activate the Ukrainian diplomacy in several directions," he said.

In particular, first of all, Ukraine will strengthen its positions in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific region.

"The countries where our influence is so far less than it is necessary to us from the national security point of view. First of all, these are the states of Africa and other parts of the Global South – Latin America, Asian countries, the Pacific region. This is a colossal economic potential, as well as significant diplomatic opportunities. For example, during the voting in the UN General Assembly for resolutions protecting our territorial integrity and international law. We will strengthen the position of Ukraine," Zelensky said.


The second aspect for the Ukrainian diplomacy is to increase cooperation with Ukrainian traditional partners so that next year will be decisive in the war and that Ukraine will achieve all of its goals.

Zelensky also announced preparations for the modernization of the diplomatic service.

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