Although it seems like a tongue-twister, it’s actually a number one hit of the Russian band “Nogu Svelo,” which means “leg fell asleep.”

What the song means will probably remain a secret forever – but it’s so good that not only will your legs stay awake at the gig of this energetic band – they are bound to take you dancing.

In the ‘90s, the band auditioned to perform at the Eurovision contest with the song “Moscow Romance.” The accompanying performance was set to look like a beggars’ performance in the Moscow metro. But the Russian jury decided that the song would be too shocking for the European audience.

The band thrives on controversy; in one single, the singer uses a single swear word about 50 times. Yet, the Russians absolutely adore the group and their charismatic front man Maksym Pokrovskiy. Apart from energizing crowds for nearly 20 years on base and vocals, Pokrovskiy has a strong stage performance, which makes the show all the more enjoyable.


It’s hard to predict what he gets up to. In the ‘90s the band composed a soundtrack for a show of the Moscow circus, which traveled all around Europe.

Then he got on the Russian version of “Survivor” reality TV show and wrote a song called “Ya Ne Posledniy Geroi” (“I Am Not The Last Hero”) while he was on an island. His acting career didn’t stop there. In 2005 he made a debut in a Hollywood film “Forsage Da Vinci.”

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Even if you haven’t seen the movie, your chance to see its energetic star and his band will come on Jan. 22 in Docker Pub.

Mon, Jan. 22, Docker Pub, 9:30, 25 Bogatyrskaya St., (050)358-5513; ticket: Hr 350-450.

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