Russia is preparing its population for a first-strike nuclear attack on the United States, likely as an attempt to prevent losing in Ukraine. Would Putin really push-the-button to save himself from defeat? Yes. Putin must be removed if the West wants peace.

A recent piece by the Prof. Sergei Karaganov of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, in the Kremlin-supported “Russia in Global Politics,” highlights the insanity of the Kremlin today, while simultaneously making the most convincing argument as to why the war will not be “over” until Putin, along with his radical imperialist allies, is removed from power.

Russia will clearly win, believes the Professor, but cautions that occupying eastern Ukraine would be “a minimal victory,” however, a “little more success will be the liberation within a year or two of the entire East and South of present-day Ukraine.” Admitting that the Ukrainian population “may” hate Russia, he laments that it “will take more than a decade to ‘re-educate’ [the Ukrainians].”


Moving from the destruction of a sovereign state, the Professor, from a once well-regarded university, notes that “The appearance of nuclear weapons is the result of the intervention of the Almighty... [who] handed over to humanity the weapon of Armageddon, showed those who had lost their fear of hell that he exists... The fear of nuclear escalation must be restored. Otherwise, humanity is doomed.”

RUSSIA: Heavy Prison Terms for 9 Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Occupied Territory of Crimea
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RUSSIA: Heavy Prison Terms for 9 Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Occupied Territory of Crimea

In Russia the government has not only banned the Witnesses’ legal entities but it has clearly shown its intent to wipe out their peaceful worship.

Waxing that “great states without a great idea cease to be,” so a great idea must be developed that meets “the deep values and aspirations of the people and, most importantly, lead us all forward.”

So, what is the great ideology that can lead Russia forward?

Russia must “restore the credibility of nuclear deterrence by lowering the unacceptably high threshold for the use of nuclear weapons,” to which ends “the enemy must know that we are ready to strike a preemptive retaliatory strike for all of their current and past aggressions.”


An alarming shift from Russia's traditional narratives: But does it foreshadow a change in Russian policy?

Placed within the article is a banner ad, for another article, called “Bring Back the Fear,” with a lead that argues that a nuclear attack on Ukraine would achieve little, and on Europe would “not be considered critical, but an attack on the territory of the United States is another matter.”

Alarmingly, a deeper review of recent articles in Kremlin-backed journals finds that there is a growing body of literature of those who believe that Russia must launch an existential war with the West to “restore sanity” to global affairs and to “save humanity.”

This radicalness, published in Kremlin-backed press, in Russian so that Russians read it, not in English for saber-rattling purposes, is a significant shift: In the Russian Government’s leadership there are apparently those that are now arguing that starting a nuclear conflict with the United States will resolve all the world’s problems and return Russia to its grandeur.


Is it because of Ukraine? No. As the nuclear attack would be a “catharsis” to cleanse the West for its “current and past aggressions” against Russia.

Putin’s henchmen are not preparing the Russian population for losing in Ukraine, but for a first-strike attack on the United States. Does it seem totally unrealistic? The author reminds that “first steps have already been taken by the relevant statements of the president [Putin] and other leaders, the start of the deployment of nuclear weapons and their carriers in Belarus, and the increase in the combat capability of the strategic deterrence forces.”

It increasingly appears that like the leader of a death-cult preparing for collective suicide the Kremlin is considering going all-out against the West.

The Kremlin appears intent to not surrender after Ukraine, but now is toying with even more ghastly actions. It is clear that in order to prevent disaster, the West’s only option is to remove Putin from power.

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