Having earlier stated that now was not the time to finally agree Ukrainian membership of NATO, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius later voiced limited support for the idea that Ukrainian Armed Forces could conduct operations on the territory of Russia, in order to block supply routes.


"It is perfectly acceptable for the attacked party to enter enemy territory to, in particular, cut off their supply routes," Pistorius stated in an interview with Zeit on Friday, April 21.


He further explained that as long as cities, civilians, and civilian objects are not targeted, such operations should be accepted, albeit reluctantly, as part of the dynamics of a conflict.


Pistorius also stressed that the West should take into consideration the methods of warfare when deciding on the supply of weapons to Ukraine. He emphasized that if Ukraine requested the use of prohibited weapons, such as cluster munitions or phosphorous incendiary weapons, Germany and other Western countries should decline such requests.


"If Ukraine demands certain types of bombs that are prohibited worldwide, then we must say no," the head of the Ministry of Defense stressed.


Earlier, Ukraine had asked its partners for cluster munitions and phosphorous incendiary weapons.


At the same time, speaking in an interview with ZDF TV channel on Friday, April 21,  Pistorius said that Ukraine's accession to NATO is not currently being discussed.


He emphasized that a decision on Ukraine's accession to NATO or the European Union will not be made hastily. Even though the door is open, now is not the appropriate time for such a decision.


Pistorius highlighted that Ukraine cannot simply be accepted into NATO based on a sense of solidarity, but rather the issue should be approached with rationality and compassion.


He further emphasized that Ukraine must first resolve the ongoing war with Russia, and winning the war does not necessarily mean a military victory but rather achieving a peace agreement and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory.

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I support
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Why when they bomb there own cities. Oops sorry which way to the front?

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