President Zelensky arrived in Finland on Wednesday, the Finnish president’s office has announced.

Zelensky will take part in a meeting with leaders of the Nordic countries together with the president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö.  

The meeting will be devoted to the support of Ukraine and security issues. Joint press conferences are also planned.

The Ukrainian Presidential Office did not comment on Zelensky's visit to Finland. The trip was also not announced in advance.

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Jan Map
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ThoughtLife makes good points in their comparison of US aid to Ukraine, versus contributions of European countries (which vary widely, in $ and as % of their GDP).
A bit more detail -
Germany's contribution as % of GDP is on the low side, while France does not even appear among the top 8.
Ukraine needs all the help it can get to support and defend itself against yet another Russian attempt at genocide of their nation, language and culture.
All freedom-loving people ought to be extremely grateful for the crucial contributions of the USA, its people, military, and industry to victory in the 1st World War, the 2nd World War, and other conflicts since.
Some points worth taking into account:
Compared to Europe, USA GDP is larger, with Military strength in weapons and ammunition vastly greater.
Europe is housing and supporting millions of refugees from Ukraine.
By supporting Ukraine, most of Europe has limited its access to relatively inexpensive Russian oil and gas, which is taking a serious financial toll on their economies.

Slava Ukraini!