The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has reported that Russia is likely establishing a new "elite" assault aviation group called "Storm," intended for operations in Ukraine.

 The ministry's latest defence intelligence report suggests that the group could comprise at least one squadron of Su-24 and Su-34 fighter bombers, along with multiple squadrons of attack helicopters.

This aircraft composition indicates that the group will play a significant role in targeting ground objectives, the report said, and comes after a series of unsuccessful missile and drone attacks against Ukrainian cities this month, particularly Kyiv.

In an embarrassing development for the Kremlin last week, Ukrainian air defenses intercepted and destroyed number of Russia’s hypersonic missiles which Russia had previously said were “unstoppable”.


Citing Russian media, The MoD highlights that the Russian Defense Ministry aims to attract highly skilled and motivated pilots by offering substantial financial incentives, including recruitment opportunities for retired pilots.

"The establishment of this group demonstrates Russia's assessment of its regular air squadrons, which have underperformed in fulfilling their primary function of conducting airstrikes on the Ukrainian front line," the report added.

In a previous update, the MoD reported a change in Russia's tactics regarding missile strikes on Ukraine, with increased use of unarmed reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles.

Moscow Potentially Spying Through ‘Shadow Fleets’: Swedish Navy Chief
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Moscow Potentially Spying Through ‘Shadow Fleets’: Swedish Navy Chief

The official said Sweden is now closely monitoring the ships Russia has used to bypass oil sanctions after spotting “antennas and masts” atypical of fishing vessels.

Last week the U.S. finally gave its backing to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets which would be a huge boost for Ukraine once they finally arrive.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, on Saturday, May 20,  commented on the situation, asserting that the West is escalating the war and warning of the substantial risks associated with supplying F-16s.

Grushko said that Russia would take this circumstance into account in its plans, noting that the Kremlin possesses sufficient resources to "achieve its objectives".



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