President Volodymyr Zelensky has made a proposal to the Verkhovna Rada, seeking to modify the dates for observing certain holidays in Ukraine. Specifically, the proposed changes apply to the celebration of Christmas, the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, and the Day of the Defenders of Ukraine.

This information is detailed in the corresponding bill, which the head of state submitted to the Ukrainian parliament on Wednesday, June 28. 

According to the accompanying explanatory note, it is suggested that Christmas be celebrated on December 25 instead of January 7. This aligns with the majority of Orthodox Christians and other denominations worldwide, who already observe Christmas on December 25. On May 24, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, during the Council of Bishops, approved the complete transition from the old Julian calendar to the new calendar. This change corresponds with the practice followed by most Orthodox churches worldwide.


"The aim of this draft law is to discard the Russian legacy of celebrating Christmas on January 7 and instead adopt December 25 as the date for Christmas celebrations," the explanatory note states.

If the altered Christmas date is accepted, the Day of Ukrainian Statehood would also need to be rescheduled. The proposed revision sets July 15 as the new date for the celebration of the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, replacing the previous date of the 28th.

Lastly, the suggested amendment proposes moving the Day of Defenders from October 14 to October 1.

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