Russian President Vladimir Putin has met his closest ally, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, for the first time since the latter helped broker a deal to end a mutiny by Wagner fighters inside Russia last month.

A video posted on Sunday by the Lukashenko’s press service showed the two longtime leaders arriving at Saint Petersburg’s Konstantinovsky palace together ahead of scheduled talks.

"I changed some of my plans," Putin said as he met Lukashenko.

"We will spend one and a half, two days for talks," the TASS news agency quoted Putin as saying.

At the meeting in Saint Petersburg, the pair plan to discuss the “strategic partnership and alliance” between their countries, according to the Kremlin.


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And the band played on. On the Titanic. Oh, what’s that sinking feeling.
John Legend
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Hilarious that lukashenko “the rat” wants to act like the depleted Wagner terrorists were barking about attacking Poland! Laughable. Poland would crush the prison twerps and then go after Putini! Let it happen!
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Putin how's it going puppet Lukashenko yes master Putin good puppet Lukashenko thank you master Putin hows Wagner Lukashenko they are not happy Master Putin why puppet?Lukashenko because they want to kill you Putin no they are my happy pets just like you puppet Lukashenko yes happy pets like me
Michael Sparkes
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Prima facie Prigozhin’s dogs of war couldn’t cut the mustard so instead of hot dogs Putin had to eat humble pie listening to Wagner's version of Crimea River ... or was this all very clever disinformation to hide an “august” assault on the Western flank of Ukraine and take Lviv? If you are interested in brilliant disinformation and espionage then you had best read the spy novel Beyond Enkription in TheBurlingtonFiles series.

Is Putin sick or just mad or is mutual destruction really on the cards? What about the health of not so Lucky Shenko? A lot has been said about the health of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. However, we can confirm that of late he has not been more nauseous than normal. Indeed, contrary to unfounded and scurrilous rumours, recent videos of him with Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko, El Presidente of Belarus, showed they were both not in the best of health. In fact they were doing the hokey-cokey to their favourite song "Crimea River" after five out of six of their trusted doctors confirmed it was safe for them to play Russian Roulette again.

If you need to read about how paranoia can affect dictators from London to Haiti via Moscow you had best study Bill Fairclough’s book Beyond Enkription in The Burlington Files series. For more about Russian spies and Pemberton’s People in MI6 see the brief News Article dated 31 October 2022 in TheBurlingtonFiles website. #SlávaUkrayíni