According to State Bureau of Investigation (DBR) records, Oleksandr Dubinsky, a member of the Verkhovna Rada, has been served notice by the Prosecutor General of being under suspicion for falsifying documents to facilitate overseas travel, according to Ukrainian legal practices.

The lawmaker is also under sanctions by the US State Department for allegedly attempting to interfere with the 2020 elections in the United States.

Sources within law enforcement, cited by Ukrainska Pravda on Wednesday, Aug. 9, indicate that the lawmaker entered fabricated information into official records to secure permission for his departure from Ukraine.

Allegedly, Dubinsky manipulated official documents to falsely claim he was accompanying his father for medical treatment as a pretext for his own travels abroad.


He left the country on June 27, 2023, while his father independently traveled abroad on June 26, only to return to Ukraine on July 11. Dubinsky himself returned to Ukraine on July 27, 2023.

Authorities have gathered information suggesting that during his time abroad, Dubinsky managed two trips each to Italy, Croatia, and Spain. Between July 20 and 27, he stayed in luxury hotels, namely Mediterraneo in Casteldefels and Vincci Bit in Barcelona.

Dubinsky confirmed the announcement of suspicion through his social media accounts, attributing the situation to “political motives” and expressing confidence that “the case against him will crumble.”

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In early August, DBR officials, in collaboration with the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), conducted searches at Dubinsky’s residence. Their inquiry centered on the circumstances surrounding his foreign travel during the period of martial law, including his official responsibilities, document signing, and other pertinent details.

Dubinsky denounced the actions of the security forces as “politically motivated persecution.”

In February 2021, the Servant of the People party in the parliament expelled Dubinsky following the US State Department’s imposition of sanctions against him. While urged to voluntarily leave the party, Dubinsky declined to do so.


The party expulsion episode represents just one of several controversies in Dubinsky’s political career, which commenced after his journalism tenure before his election in a majority district in the Kyiv region.

In 2019, investigative journalists at disclosed findings suggesting Dubinsky held numerous apartments and vehicles. The investigators claimed that over a two-year span, the Dubinsky family acquired 24 apartments, 17 cars, including a Maserati and a collection of Mercedes vehicles, two houses, and 70 acres of land. The total estimated value of these assets amounted to $2.5 million, significantly exceeding the family’s official income.

Dubinsky asserted that his properties were acquired legitimately, drawing from his roles as a producer, presenter, and shareholder of the 1+1 TV channel. To underscore his position, he attended parliament wearing a T-shirt inscribed with “Mom loves speed,” aiming to convey his steadfastness against accusations.


In January 2021, Dubinsky, alongside six other Ukrainian citizens, faced US sanctions for disseminating disinformation aimed at influencing the US presidential election. The US State Department alleges he was involved in a “Russia-linked disinformation network” attempting to influence the 2020 election outcome.

In response to the sanctions, Dubinsky stated, “I have never interfered in elections in other countries, including American elections.”

Subsequently, Dubinsky’s YouTube account, where he shared his viewpoints on external governance in Ukraine and commented on political developments and “insiders,” was suspended.

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