An intercepted phone call between a Russian soldier and his mother suggests that Russia plans to continue its attack on Ukraine for at least the next three years.


"Basically, what they're telling us is that this crazy situation is here to stay until ’26. Russia's going to be 'reclaiming territories'," he said.


In the intercepted call published by Ukraine's Military Intelligence (HUR), the soldier also tells his mother that Russia is sending soldiers that are unfit for duty to the front line.

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"Mom, let me explain. Over here, we have a man who underwent a (heart) operation in Moscow…And guess what? They're telling him he's fit for military service, that he's healthy.


"There is another boy who's almost blind. He can't even see beyond his own hands. But guess what they're saying? They're also calling him healthy."



The soldier, believed to be from the occupied territory in eastern Ukraine, tells his mother that everyone's getting lumped into category ‘F’ - fit for military service - with no exceptions.


"The only perk they get is a month-long vacation for some treatment," he said.



The authenticity of the soldier’s statements have not been independently verified.


The Russian soldier also voiced his disappointment that Ukrainians, made refugees by Russia’s invasion, have not been sent to the front line to fight on behalf of Russia.

'There to Die': Nepali Mercenaries Fight for Russia in Ukraine
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'There to Die': Nepali Mercenaries Fight for Russia in Ukraine

While Nepali soldiers-for-hire can bank in a month nearly double what they could earn in a year back home, conditions are brutal and many have been killed or wounded.


“Naturally, everyone's pretty ticked off. You know, the Russians are all worked up because they're saying that refugees from Ukraine who end up in Russia are getting 40,000 rubles (about $408). People are like, ‘Well, if they can catch them, send them here.’ Everyone's at odds,” the soldier said.


In reality, many Ukrainians have been forcibly mobilized into the Russian army.


Additionally, previously released intercepted communications between Russian soldiers and their friends and family suggest that mothers are desperately trying to find ways to get their sons off the front lines in Ukraine, urging them to film videos complaining about misconduct from military authorities.



While the exact date of the intercepted call is not known, the situation for soldiers on both sides is difficult as Ukraine’s summer offensive gains momentum.


Ukrainian soldiers have told Kyiv Post they would fight on, but morale has been suffering with no quick end in sight.


However, the release of such intercepted conversations by Ukraine’s intelligence services indicates that Russia’s military finds itself in a much more dire situation, with soldiers coming to fear their own side as much as that of their Ukrainian adversary.

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What would happen if Ukraine troops would aim at a distance not at the first line of Russian defence but at the second line?  Those who sit there to avoid the first line do not stop fighting?  Would the first line continue fighting? Would the first line continue fighting but retrieve. Would the first line join the action of the Ukrains? Afterwards would the first line try to return to Russia with their story? Would the first line give up and try to become POW? I think some possibilities would make it impossible for Russia to continue shooting at their own troops.