An Mi-8 helicopter belonging to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has crashed in the Chelyabinsk region, at least three people died.

According to official reports, the incident occurred as the helicopter was engaged in a training flight, and it descended into a forested area near the village of Prudny.


"According to preliminary information, three people died," governor Aleksei Teksler said on social media. 

There was no damage to buildings or individuals on the ground, he added in the statement linking the aircraft to the FSB.

Preliminary inquiries into the incident have indicated two potential causes. RIA Novosti pointed towards a possible equipment failure, while Mash suggested that the helicopter might have encountered difficulties due to reduced visibility and potential entanglement with high-voltage power lines.


Aviation accidents are common in Russia due to lax safety rules and poor maintenance, and have become even more frequent after Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began last year.


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