Unknown individuals have repeatedly reported alleged bomb threats at public locations with concentrated crowds in Kyiv in recent days, including schools, shopping centers, train stations and medical facilities, all of which have proven to be false.

A report surfaced claiming that bombs had been planted at all secondary schools in the capital on Monday afternoon, Sept. 4. However, the Kyiv City Military Administration (KMVA) later reported on Telegram that the information was inaccurate and that the call was indeed false. A similar incident occurred on Sept. 1, when bomb reports also proved to be untrue.

On Monday evening, the capital’s police received information about the potential bombing of all shopping and entertainment centers in Kyiv. The KMVA reassured the public that the police, the State Emergency Service, and the Security Service of Ukraine were taking all necessary measures.


“Trust our law enforcement officers; we will not permit any destabilization of the security situation in Kyiv,” Serhiy Popko, head of the KMVA, told the public on Telegram.

KMVA investigations said the bomb threats to all Kyiv shopping and entertainment centers were false alarms.

Later, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Sept. 5, the KMVA received additional reports about potential bombs at all of the capital’s train stations and some medical facilities.

“After conducting a thorough investigation, this information was also found to be unsubstantiated - once again, these were false reports,” Popko said in a third Telegram post.

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The document provides for security and defence assistance, help with reconstruction efforts, as well as support in other areas, from cybersecurity to countering Russian disinformation campaigns.

“Therefore, I urge the residents of the capital to remain calm. Panic, chaos, and fear are precisely what the enemy seeks to incite, but they will not succeed.”

Popko again told the public the security situation in Kyiv is firmly under control.

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