LATEST: ‘A Very Good Result’ – Ukraine Confirms Attack on Russian Black Sea Fleet, Says Ship and Sub Damaged

A shipyard in Russian-occupied Crimea used to repair Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet has been targeted by ten Ukrainian missiles and three attack speedboats, the Kremlin said early on Wednesday morning.

In a post on Telegram, the Russian defense ministry said “two ships under repair were damaged” and that seven missiles and all three vessels had been intercepted and destroyed in the attack on the Sevastopol Shipyard.

"The Ukrainian armed forces launched a strike with 10 cruise missiles at the S. Ordzhonikidze ship repair plant," it said, adding Ukraine also "attempted an attack with three unmanned boats at a detachment of ships of the Black Sea fleet" during a sea crossing.


"Air defence systems shot down seven cruise missiles, and the patrol ship Vasily Bykov destroyed all unmanned boats."

Mikhail Razvozhayev, the Russian governor of the city, said the strike caused a large fire and injured 24 people.

He added: “Our enemies attacked Sevastopol.

“All emergency services are working on the site, there is no danger to civilian objects in the city.”

Footage posted to social media showed multiple explosions and a large blaze at the shipyard.

In a comment to Kyiv Post, a source in Ukraine's Military Intelligence confirmed Kyiv had carried out the attack, adding: “There is information about at least the destruction of a large landing ship and a submarine.

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“This is a very good result, of course.”


The Sevastopol Shipyard maintains and services Russian ships and submarines, many of which are used to launch missile attacks on Ukrainian cities.

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What part of 'tit for tat' don't you understand? LOL
Mf russians
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Excellent news. Ukraine needs long range missiles , and fighter planes like in 2014 already. The kremlin dwarfs brain worms surely kept him up last night.