US President Joe Biden is set to release his request for additional funding for military aid to Ukraine and Israel next week. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made the announcement at a press briefing on Oct. 13, according to Reuters.

NBC News previously reported that Biden's funding plan would also include money for Taiwan and to protect the US southern border.

Any funding measure must pass the US Senate, which is led by Democrats, and the House of Representatives, which has a majority of Republicans and has faced a crisis since the resignation of Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Oct. 3.

Recently revealed plans by the White House to request Congress approval of additional financial support for Ukraine

By attaching the aid request for Ukraine to an urgent request for Israel, as recently revealed, it is understood that the White House will increase its chances of Congress passing funding for Ukraine. This could prove important in the face of insufficient current support from Republicans and the absence of a Speaker of the House.


However, some Republicans have already spoken out against the Biden Administration's intention to combine the two aid packages.

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