Notorious self-styled nationalist figurehead Iryna Farion sparked anger and mockery earlier in the month when she said that Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov battalion who speak Russian were not “true patriots.”

After the deluge of recrimination, she had brought down on herself, she must have felt her views were justified by the message she received from a Ukrainian student studying in occupied Crimea.

Maksym Hlebov, a first-year language student at the university in Simferopol sent “Iryna Dmitrivina” a message of support on her social media channel in which he said that he couldn’t imagine how he would be able to bear meeting Ukrainian soldiers who speak Russian when his hometown of Kerch or Simferopol is liberated.


He went on to thank her for her work and described her as a “ray of light in the darkness of the occupation,” and was certain Ukraine and its language would prevail.

Pleased to receive such an accolade Farion reposted the missive on her Telegram channel alongside her thanks. Unfortunately, in her haste to post evidence of the young man’s support, she failed to hide his name, which combined with the details of his birthplace and where he was studying in his message, made it simple to identify him.

Subscribers to her channel quickly pointed this out to her and she hurriedly took the post down – but it was too late.

Belbek Arsenal Hit: Russian Bomber Weapons Depot Reportedly Damaged
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Belbek Arsenal Hit: Russian Bomber Weapons Depot Reportedly Damaged

The depot stored most of the air-to-surface missiles for Su-27, Su-30, and MiG-31 fighter-bomber aircraft that have been targeting Ukraine’s cities and infrastructure.

The independent Russian news outlet, ASTRA posted an account on Telegram as to how Farion’s post was spotted by Alexander Talipov, who ASTRA describes as a “professional informer, and a former Ukrainian border guard.”

As a result, Hlebov was arrested and made to post a video on Telegram in which he made the following apology:

“I am fully aware of my guilt. An intelligent conversation was held with me, and I completely renounce my views, because I understand that I was wrong, and it was completely absolutely wrong.”


In turn, Talipov stated on his website that the information was sufficient not only to “find the ba***rd who was waiting for the arrival of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and supported Farion’s Nazi ideas about the ‘Genes of Ukrainians’… but also his entire entourage of like-minded people.”

Talipov claimed that the intelligence services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were interrogating the student, that he has already admitted his guilt and now declares his support for Russia and its SVO (the so-called “special military operation”).

Talipov sarcastically ended his post to thank Farion for help and hopes it will not end there and she will extend her network to the “entire Crimean underground.”

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