Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) said a local sports coach had been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for photographing Ukrainian military activities, including heavy weapons and troop movements, on behalf of Russia’s Federal Security Services (FSB) during his daily runs.

According to the SBU report, the 55-year-old man from Ukraine’s western region of Khmelnitsky was a local track and field coach who used a mobile phone that he carried while out on his daily runs of 10 to 15 kilometers (6 to 9 miles) to make targeting photos and videos which he then passed on to Russian intelligence who used it to carry out attacks and sabotage operations.

“Intelligence information was needed by the invaders to plan aerial attacks on the region and possible reconnaissance and sabotage operations,” the report reads.


He was arrested in May 2022 while taking photos of railway facilities during a run. He also relayed the positions of local roadblocks to the FSB using online maps and GPS.

The man was a former graduate of the Leningrad Military School in Russia, according to the SBU. He served in the Taman Division in Russia until 1992 and moved to Ukraine after leaving the military.

He was recruited by the FSB remotely in March 2022 and received monetary rewards for his espionage activities through bank transfers.


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