Four Russian FSB officers were poisoned after ordering food and alcoholic beverages for delivery from a restaurant in occupied Melitopol at the end of last week, according to reports.

Three officers died in the hospital, and the fourth is now in intensive care (ICU).

The city’s mayor in exile has since made a statement giving credit to Ukrainian “resistance forces.”

Kremlevskaya Tabakerka reported on Tuesday morning that arsenic and rat poison were allegedly added to the food at some point, either at the restaurant or during delivery, in doses large enough to be lethal.

“The restaurant where the food and alcohol were delivered was searched, and no traces of poisons were found. At the same time, the courier who delivered the food and alcohol disappeared without a trace,” the report says.


In addition, a “mysterious detail” of the murder is that two of the three dead FSB agents launched an investigation last week into the case of the grave of Russian Black Sea Fleet sailors that was recently found in Melitopol.

On Nov. 15, Kremlevskaya Tabakerka said a mysterious grave was found in a cemetery in Melitopol where 17 sailors of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were secretly buried.

Russian public media reported that the unknown sailors were buried in September. According to the examinations, the Russians died from explosions. A number of the bodies contained characteristic fragments of Western missiles used by the Ukrainian army. Many of the bodies were severely mutilated.

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WATCH: ATACMS Destroys Russian S-300 Anti-Missile System Near Occupied Mariupol

Ukrainian missile forces reportedly launched ATACMS with at least four M39 cluster ballistic missiles at Russian anti-aircraft positions on the outskirts of Mariupol.

Later on Tuesday, Nov. 21, Ivan Fedorov, the mayor-in-exile of Melitopol, confirmed it to be the work of the Ukrainian underground on a Ukrainian television broadcast.

According to Fedorov, the Russians are being eliminated not only by explosions and air strikes but also by resistance forces using various means.

“The other day, there was another group of eliminated enemies, namely poisoned ones,” Fedorov said. “Enemy Telegram channels are even writing about it – they ordered food in a cafe and after eating it, they all got poisoned, and some of them died.”


“This is the effective resistance that continues to be exerted in Melitopol even under occupation.”

It’s unclear how the bodies of the 17 sailors, who logically should have been in Crimea, ended up in far away Melitopol. It’s also unclear whether the dead were sailors or were just wearing the uniform.

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