On Wednesday, Kyiv Post covered the pardoning of Nikolai Ogolobyak, convicted of murder and cannibalism, in return for fighting for Russia in Ukraine as part of a “Storm Z” detachment.

On Thursday the agentsvo media site reported on its Telegram channel that another convicted murderer and cannibal, Denis Gorin, had been released to fight in Ukraine.

Gorin, from Aniva in theSakhalin Region carried out the murders of four people in three separate incidents between 2003 and 2012, after which he had eaten parts of one of his victims.

He was first convicted for murder of a man in 2003 and sentenced to 10 years in prison before being early “for good behavior” in 2010. That November he killed another man, cut pieces from the body which he later ate – that murder was undetected at the time.


In June 2011, he and his brother Evgeny brutally beat a man and stabbed him to death while he was unconscious in another undetected incident and then in January 2012, the brothers killed another person.

The two Gorins were arrested then in 2018 Denis was sentenced to 22 years in a special regime penal colony for all three subsequent murders.

Earlier this year Gorin was released when he agreed to fight for Russia in Ukraine. On Oct. 24 he published a picture of himself in military uniform on his “Odnoklassniki” social media page.  In the photograph, he is sporting a St. George ribbon and a “Zacheburashim” volunteer’s patch and is apparently wounded.

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A neighbor from Gorin’s hometown identified only as Dmitry told the Sibir.Realii news site: “Now he is in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, in the hospital, with a moderate injury. Consider him free, pardoned, half a sentence out of the blue.

“But I think he won’t be free for long. The relatives of his victims remember everything.”

Since the start of the war with Ukraine Russia has regularly released murderers, rapists and those convicted of other serious crimes after serving in Ukraine.


Relatives of murder victims have complained about not being informed of their release but their protest have been all but ignored.

As previously reported by Kyiv Post a number of those pardoned and released have committed new crimes after returning from the war with as many as 30 murders being subsequently committed by returnees.

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