Ukraine said Friday that Russian forces had launched more than two dozen Iranian-designed attack drones and two missiles on the south and east of the country, in Moscow’s latest aerial barrage.

Officials in Kyiv say Russian forces have been stockpiling drones and missiles for systematic attacks on Ukraine’s struggling energy grid over winter months.

“In total, the enemy used two X-59 missiles and 25 Shahed-136/131 attack drones,” the air force said, claiming to have downed 18 of the drones and one missile over southern regions.

Russian strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure last winter left millions in the cold and dark for extended periods.

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Joseph King
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Ukraine air defence is doing an incredible job with the drip fed air defence weapons it is receiving. Such a large country and so much sky to defend. I have to laugh at the russkiy night mir corrupted brain cell clowns who seem to think Ukraine is getting bags of actual cash instead of the weapons and munitions it actually receives. The #russiaTerroristState trolls really show their complete ignorance of how things work in the real world. It obviously works like that in the corruption infested #russiaPariahState so the brain cell dead morons think that's how it works in the civilised world. What pea brain cell idiots they are.

Слава Україні! 💪